DADA is a virgin microbe. DADA is changing, adapting,
saying at the same moment the contrary,
it is unimportant, shouts and fishes.
We are standing here without any aims,
we don’t even want to please or amuse you.
Although everything is as it is- NOTHING-
there is no need to end as enemies.
At the moment, that you –overcoming your bourgeois opposition-
are writing with us DADA on your flag,
we will be united again and the best of friends.
Please take DADA as our gift, because
who doesn’t accept it, is lost.
DADA is the best medicine and helps to keep marriage happy;
Your children’s-children will be thankful.
Now I will say good bye with a DADA-greeting and a DADA-bowling.
Long lives DADA DADA DADA ….
cited out of the manifest of Hülsenbeck, Ball, Tzarà 1913-1919

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